Lounge area of retirement home

Delicious Meals in Epsom’s Residential Retirement Home

One of the great benefits of assisted living is delicious, home cooked meals without the hassles of cooking and cleaning. St Patrick’s Home & Hospital provides a complete meal experience that combines the benefits of nutrition with delicious dishes. Enjoy nutritious meals and decadent treats that use only the highest quality ingredients.

Taste Meets Nourishment

Our onsite chefs provide a quality cuisine to all of our residents. Their work has been highly praisedby residents and visitors alike, with the great taste and high quality remaining constant throughout the years. Our chefs work collaboratively with our dieticians to ensure the best health of our residents and many have been with us for several years.

Options for Everyone

We provide wholesome home cooked meals, in addition to treats such as scones and cakes, which are freshly baked every day. With our range of delicious, balanced options you’ll never go hungry but that doesn’t mean you won’t be asking for more! Special needs can be catered for in terms of wellness, food tolerance and cultural preference. The highest quality food sources are used including free range eggs.
Enjoy retirement your way.
Contact us on 0800 030 456 to make an enquiry.
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